Understanding Type 2 Diabetes In Seniors

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Understanding Type 2 Diabetes In Seniors

15 Jun, 2021
Health Care Facilities

Health Care Facilities

As per the statistics, many people suffering from diabetes have type 2 diabetes. This type of diabetes is characterized by resistance to the insulin hormone and excess levels of blood sugar. Severe type 2 diabetes can not only result in loss of vision but also damage to nerves, heart diseases, kidney failure, slow healing of wounds, and increased rates of infection. As per the staff in nursing homes and other health care facilities, type 2 diabetes in seniors can be very much problematic.

Type 2 Diabetes Indicators

The initial symptoms of type 2 diabetes are peaked thirst and repeated feeling to urinate. The excess levels of glucose present in the blood can absorb water from the tissues, forcing the person to drink more water. This type of diabetes can be asymptomatic for years before the signs can show up. Some common indicators of type 2 diabetes in seniors include:

Flu-Like Fatigue 

Feeling exhausted can be a symptom of type 2 diabetes. When your body loses its ability to process sugar, your energy levels will be very low. If your senior loved is lethargic or tired, he/she might be suffering from type 2 diabetes and you need to ensure proper treatment to the person to avoid further complications.

Loss Or Gain Of Weight 

As your body will try to make up for the lost fluid, you will have increased levels of appetite and you will eat more, which can result in weight gain. The opposite may also happen in some people. Even if you eat more, you might lose weight as your muscles will not get enough glucose.

Blurred Vision

Excess levels of glucose in the blood will pull fluid from the eye lenses, which can negatively affect the ability to focus. If your senior loved one is complaining about being unable to see clearly, you need to take the person to a physician.

Numbness And Tingling Sensation In Hands And Legs 

Decreased circulation of blood can result in neuropathy. Neuropathy is the damage to nerves; the aftermath of which includes lack of sensations in the arms, hands, feet, or legs. Conversely, it can also result in burning sensations and pain in the extremities.

Gum Disease 

Watch for increased dental problems in your senior loved one. Type 2 diabetes can result in oral infections and can make the gums inflamed and red. This can cause serious problems to the teeth of your senior loved one if proper treatment is not provided at the right time.

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