Adult Day Care

A comfortable place with friendly faces

Few things in life are more important than community. At Community Care on Palm, we promote community by offering nurturing support to both seniors and their caregivers through our Adult Day Care program.

Adult Day Care is specially designed for seniors experiencing memory-related conditions. By providing companionship and mental stimulation, Adult Day Care can reduce loneliness, improve cognitive function, and delay a loved one’s need for a nursing home. The program also supports caregivers by giving them time to rest, work, or attend to other matters during the day while their loved one receives personalized attention at our comfortable facility.

If you’re looking for a short-term elderly care option that’s enjoyable, beneficial, and affordable, consider making Adult Day Care part of your family’s community of support. For more information about our Adult Day Care program, feel free to contact us at (951) 686-9001.


  • A cost-effective alternative to a nursing home or in-home care
  • Social interaction for seniors in a clean, friendly environment
  • Greater sense of wellbeing for seniors
  • Relief for caregivers