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Community Care on Palm is happy to offer high-quality care to any member of our community.

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State-Of-The-Art Skilled Nursing Facility

Community Care on Palm is one of the leading skilled nursing facilities in Riverside, California. Our facility provides skilled nursing services around the clock in a comfortable and friendly environment. Our guiding principle at Community Care on Palm is to provide our patients with outstanding and innovative healthcare in an environment that focuses on the importance of the individual and their family. Our dedicated staff and nurses embody the values that we cherish most – a nurturing spirit and a commitment to quality care and treatment.

Our friendly and caring team provides residents of Community Care on Palm with personalized therapeutic attention around the clock. We pay added attention to the small details to make sure that your stay is the most comfortable. From sunny patient rooms to restful common areas, tranquil lounges, and tasty dining services – we strive to make your stay at Community Care on Palm relaxed and enjoyable. We welcome you to Community Care on Palm, come visit and take a tour with us soon.


What We Do

Skilled Nursing Services

Physical Therapy

Speech Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Wound Care

Psychiatric Care

Pain Management

Internal Medicine


CCOP!!!!! was my second home for 10years, the staff there were my family. Just like any other facility we had our ups and downs but! just like in a close net family we over came a lot of obstacles. I loved working with the residents there , their challenges were my challenges. The staff gave these residents the best care possible. Although these residents would have been rejected from our society we tried to always give them a place that made them feel safe and at home. So to all the staff at CCOP I take my hat off to you all, may God continue to give you the knowledge and the strength to continue to take care of those residents who's challenges are far more greater than yours, and may you come to realize that the job you are doing is NOT just a job, you were sent there as angles to watch over and take care of God's children. Continue to give them love and most of all know that you are loved as well. Thank you for the love and the care for 10 years.

John M

My mom has only been here a short time. The patients seem well cared for, and the facility is nice and clean. The staff is helpful and attentive.

Steve H