Can Homecare Be A Permanent Care Solution For Seniors?

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Can Homecare Be A Permanent Care Solution For Seniors?

2 Jun, 2021
Senior Living

Senior Living

Are you constantly on the edge thinking if your elderly mother would leave a pot overnight on the stove or run into some other vehicle while driving to the supermarket? These are some of the many concerns of children of senior parents living alone and shows signs of physical or cognitive decline. It might be very clear to you that it is high time for your elderly parent to move to a senior living community that can provide support to your parent. However, if your mom is not willing to move out of a home that is filled with good memories, you might need to consider hiring a home care service provider.

A home care provider can offer services from 3 to 4 hours a day to round the clock. Furthermore, they can also assist elderly adults in feeding, toileting, bathing, and dressing. However, they cannot give injections or do other medical tasks. Some agencies offer nursing services for extra charges. However, before jumping to the home healthcare bandwagon, you have to figure out if it can be a feasible option for your elderly parent. Considering the below points can help you figure out if it is a viable option.

The Level Of Care Needed By Your Parent 

If your elderly parent requires someone to help with housework, cooking, and driving him/her to medical appointments, home health care might be a feasible option. However, if the senior loved one is suffering from a complex health condition and needs close to round-the-clock care, home healthcare will not be a good option as the charges can be very high for 24/7 home care.

The Ease Of Adapting The Home For Safety 

Before considering homecare, you need to ensure that the physical environment of your senior parent is safe and does not pose any hazards or risks. If your parent has mobility concerns, you might need a ramp built for their wheelchair or walker. In addition, the home may have to be altered so that a bedroom and a bathroom with grab bars are situated in an easily accessible area.

The Need For Companionship 

Is your senior parent okay with sitting alone at home all day or does he/she prefer to have more friends and activity, like that in a senior living or assisted living community? Many seniors do not like the idea of living alone at home and you also need to consider this while contemplating home care services for your senior parent.

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