Building A Support Network For Seniors After A Dementia Diagnosis

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Building A Support Network For Seniors After A Dementia Diagnosis

3 Jul, 2021
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Even though cancer, strokes, and heart attacks kill many people, dementia is still the most feared illness in America. It is our memories that make us the person we are and losing these memories can be terrifying. However, dementia is a slowly progressing disease and most people live for many years before the disorder can affect the ability of the person to function normally. Building a support network to help you prepare for what is down the road is inevitable. Some of how you can build your support network are shared below.

Ensure Legal Support 

It can save your family much stress down the road if you can get your legal affairs in order when you are diagnosed with dementia. You will not want a court making decisions for you during a time when it is humanly impossible for you to make decisions. Therefore, make sure to contact a senior care lawyer and discuss the following:

  • The person whom you wish to take medical decisions on your behalf.
  • How to divide your assets after your demise.
  • What you need to protect your assets when you are alive and need to apply for Medicaid or long-term care.

Connect To Others With Dementia 

Connecting with others people suffering from dementia disorders can help seem dementia less frightening. In addition, it can help have reasonable expectations about the illness, as the fact is that dementia is not just a memory problem. You can join a local support group of support groups in a nearby nursing home or other health care facilities. This can help you know more about the strategies that have worked for others suffering from dementia. Learning as much as you can about dementia can also be helpful and can assist you in planning a fruitful dementia future.

Get Support From Your Loved Ones 

Tighten your support network when you can. Make sure that your loved ones know about your dementia diagnosis and never be reluctant to ask for help and support from your family. Always understand that having challenging conversations now can help make dealing with your dementia disorder easier as the disease progresses. Make sure to discuss your view on spending your senior years in healthcare facilities, nursing homes, and end-of-life care.

With a support network, you will never be alone in your fight with dementia. A support network and senior nursing home can help you navigate the dementia journey without much trouble.

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